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You want modern, classic, romantic, stylish, elegant, timeless, casual and unique coverage of your special day. That's where CreativeTAG Studios comes in. It starts from the heart! Our passion, talent, skills and years of professional experience in wedding, photojournalism and commercial photography has brought us to where we are now.

Let us make it easier for you by providing you quality and high-end photography to capture decisive moments at your day of wedding from angles and perspectives that you and your loved ones will cherish for generations to come.

We love to apply spontaneous creativity and challenge ourselves to make each and every wedding coverage different from our previous one. We don't limit ourselves to a set of "to-do-shots", we go beyond this course.

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Get to know us a little bit better by checking out how we cover real weddings. We want to start off by giving a glimpse on how we — as creative and professional artists — capture the decisive moments, details and behind the scenes of some wedding coverage our team has successfully completed. The progression of your wedding day is something — if it’s all possible be captured — that you should treasure. And getting the right creative team will give you a tremendous relief and peace of mind during your very special and hectic day.

Let us now take you to real and exciting weddings and show you how we see and capture the moments in our artistic and creative ways…



Scheduling enough prep time is the key to a very good start! Creative photographers want to record the fun part of this “getting ready”. The laughter, excitement, hustle and bustle in the room and the details are perfect photo opportunities.

We recommend that you get two creative photographers during the preparation. It is just impossible for one photographer to run from one place to another to get some ‘getting ready’ shots.





Straight up, we are for the ‘first look’! This is really an excellent way to get more photos of the bride and groom by themselves. Capturing this special moment, the emotions, the first words, the first look!

Traditionally, the bride and groom do not see each other until the ceremony. In this case they want the photographer to capture the ‘first look’ at the ceremony — and we have done that countless times successfully. You have to consider this though, during the ceremony time is ticking away so fast, the emotion behind the “first look” is being cut short and the end result very few ‘first look’ photos. And if you only have one photographer, there will only be one angle of this opportunity.

If you want more photos of you and your better half, a set ‘first look’ is the way to go! You might say, “We have enough time for our portrait session.” No argument here, but the real and natural emotion of the ‘first look’ will never be present during the portrait session! You can fake it, and that’s totally up to you. Either your ‘first look’ will be captured at a special set time before the ceremony — which will give you dozens of extra emotional photos, from different angles — or during the ceremony, which is most likely less than a minute to capture.

Finally, while the bride and groom are still fresh, this is the perfect opportunity to capture some romantic and genuine emotions.


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CreativeTAG Studios wish all our wonderful couples a lifetime of fervent and successful relationship. As you start this new journey in life, may you grow stronger together and never grow apart. A happy and healthy marriage is like a long involving conversation that always seems too short.

All the best to you and your new family!

We are very blessed to be part of our clients’ weddings. And what an honor to provide them meaningful photographs that they and their loved ones will cherish and treasure for a lifetime and generations to come.

And it is a privilege to share with you — our online visitors — the memories we have captured from countless weddings we have successfully covered. We want to emphasize, that these special moments were real stories — meaningful to the couples who are very much in love — and as we unfold the story of each wedding, through photographs, our vision and creativity comes from our passion and hearts.



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jacqueline + christopher

TRADITIONALLY TASTEFUL — Working with Jacqueline and Christopher was exceptionally elegant! From the start our team knew it will be a great wedding coverage. The couple planned to have a pre-shoot session for the party — this is also an excellent idea instead of the “FIRST LOOK” session for the bride and groom. We really recommend this as a matter of fact. While each member of the party is still fresh, why not take a moment to take great group photos!


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January 22, 2013 in January Weddings

This is our page where you will see our January brides and grooms. We are always excited shooting weddings on the first month of the new year! A fresh start means a new creative challenge for our group. Enjoy browsing through our wonderful couples’ images.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us or post on our blog. Thank you for visiting our blogsite!


erin + ben

IT’S A TOUCH OF CLASSIC — That’s what Erin and Ben want to tell their story! The energetic, sweet and lovely couple on a whimsical sunny Southern California garden wedding in Huntington Beach. The couple planned their big day to be very Southern California — that means by the beach!

From getting ready to the reception, the entire party and the guests can feel the breeze of Huntington Beach.

And to add excitement… LIVE BAND at the reception! Both Erin and Ben love to dance and have the talent to sing. And nothing beats a live band. The dance floor has always been filled with guests in celebration. Totally energetic and so much love.





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