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You want modern, classic, romantic, stylish, elegant, timeless, casual and unique coverage of your special day. That's where CreativeTAG Studios comes in. It starts from the heart! Our passion, talent, skills and years of professional experience in wedding, photojournalism and commercial photography has brought us to where we are now.

Let us make it easier for you by providing you quality and high-end photography to capture decisive moments at your day of wedding from angles and perspectives that you and your loved ones will cherish for generations to come.

We love to apply spontaneous creativity and challenge ourselves to make each and every wedding coverage different from our previous one. We don't limit ourselves to a set of "to-do-shots", we go beyond this course.

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jacqueline + christopher

TRADITIONALLY TASTEFUL — Working with Jacqueline and Christopher was exceptionally elegant! From the start our team knew it will be a great wedding coverage. The couple planned to have a pre-shoot session for the party — this is also an excellent idea instead of the “FIRST LOOK” session for the bride and groom. We really recommend this as a matter of fact. While each member of the party is still fresh, why not take a moment to take great group photos!


stuff we love about this wedding…

Photographers love to hear when the church or chapel allows or gives us the freedom to cover from any angles within the structure. This allows us to be more creative and capture images that will tell more stories during the ceremony. One of the best vantage points would be within the altar or the minister’s section! Taking photos from this angle will really create magnificent memories.

Jacqueline and Christopher’s choice of setting up a “champagne tower” at the reception — for the toast — is perfection! We highly recommend this setup — lots of amazing photo opportunity for you to cherish.

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